Apple Hiring Managers for Next-Generation Data Centers

The new recruit must manage projects from all administrative levels

A new jobs listing for Data Center Construction Project Manager has emerged at, hinting at the Mac maker’s future plans with server farms.

The advert says Apple needs more servers and server space to house its existing products and services, as well as new ones, all of which will continue to expand and grow. iCloud is the centerpiece of those offerings. It was introduced last year with OS X Mountain Lion.

The perfect candidate for this job needs experience in managing large Data Center construction projects, above average verbal and written communications skills, talent in reading design and construction drawings, deep understanding of the technicalities behind data centers (various electrical and mechanical topologies), and more.

Apple says that “The candidate selected for this position will become an important part of the Apple team responsible for the design and construction implementation of the next generation of data centers.”

“They will be expected to participating in meetings as the project develops from the conceptual phase into design development, and then up and through issued for construction.”

Apple says the candidate will head the management efforts of the construction phase, once the project is fully designed. The new recruit will thus “insure the project is built per the project requirement.”

Key Responsibilities will include setting up, coordinating and attend all design and construction meetings; developing project cost targets; reviewing proposals and changing orders to accommodate the scopes with pricing in mind; managing projects from all levels administrative, cost, and contracting perspective; input on design and constructability; conducting meetings and representing Apple’s interests; reviewing proposals from the consultants, general contractor, suppliers, and subcontractors; presenting weekly updates on project costs and cost projections.

One key requirement includes the ability and, most importantly, the willingness “to travel to the project site regularly and be fully committed and willing to stay on location up to three weeks at a stretch if and when it becomes necessary.”

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