Apple Explains “Caching” Feature in OS X Server 2.2 Full Changelog

The Cupertino giant posts extra documentation for its latest release

OS X Server 2.2 holds much more than what the Mac App Store changelog would have you believe as Apple has released a full set of release notes that describe intricate changes within the software.

Shortly after pushing out OS X Server 2.2 through the Mac App Store, Apple released new documentation on its Support site describing the changes included with the update.

While the changelog on the Mac App Store doesn’t leave out any major additions and tweaks, it doesn’t actually tell the whole story – especially not for power users. KB article HT5583, on the other hand, does.

The description begins with the most important new feature which introduces a new Caching service, “which speeds up the download of software distributed by Apple through the Mac App Store,” says Apple.

Unlike on the Mac App Store, the company elaborates here stating “It caches both software updates and purchased apps from the Mac App Store.”

Customers are referred to the Server Help in the Help menu of OS X Server for more information about the Caching service.

The literature continues with numerous bug fix descriptions touching Server app, Adaptive Firewall, Calendar, Mail, Contacts, Messages, and Profile Manager.

For example, some updates to the Server app address an issue that may hinder attempts to change the blacklist server used by the Mail service.

Adaptive Firewall updates address issues that caused an exception to be raised when using the hb_summary tool, and the new Calendar service includes some general enhancements, as well as some bug fixes of its own.

A particularly increased level of attention was centered on Mail, where Apple has patched three bugs. Profile Manager falls in the same category with both fixes and new features being added into the mix.

See the full release notes for OS X Server 2.2 on Apple’s Support site here.

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