Apple Ends Affair with Boxed Software

At least in education circles where only Logic remains a physical purchase

Apple is sending out a ‘last call’ warning to those involved with education in one way or another that will soon halt sales of boxed copies of Mac OS X , iLife, iWork, Aperture, and other software titles.

Apple today sent a letter to customers at a major academic institution with the purpose of informing them that boxed software is reaching end-of-life, with one exception.

According to a ZDnet piece, Apple addressed customers with the following words: “Apple confirmed today that, with limited exception, they will cease to ship boxed software to campus resellers. This includes Mac OS X Snow Leopard , iLife, iWork, Apple Remote Desktop, and Aperture, among others.”

In the letter, Apple continues to explain that the company has few copies left. Whoever wants something boxed better get their credit card ready:

“We have a limited supply of copies of each in stock in the store, so consider this a ‘last call’ for anyone who would like a hard copy before they are gone. Particularly anyone who would like to get Snow Leopard, as we just received our final shipment of that version of the OS,” Apple said.

The Mac maker confirmed in the email that “The only products that will remain as boxed software offerings are Logic Express and Logic Studio.”

The Mac maker has posted a page on the official Apple web site that describes departmental users can take advantage of volume licensing, in case someone decides on a bulk purchase.

Apple has long been advocating for a digital distribution system of software titles, not just its own, but third-party programs as well.

As a result of that mentality, millions of customers nowadays use the iTunes App Store and the Mac App Store to get their software.

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