Apple Emphasizes Hi-Res Displays in New Developer Update

“The Retina display offers rich detail, vibrant colors, and razor-sharp text”

Apple is out with new documentation, assets and tips for developers looking to promote their apps in the best possible way, both on iOS, and on OS X. The latest tip from Apple aims to “ensure that your iOS and Mac apps look their best.”

For that, you'll need to optimize icons, custom controls, and other artwork, according to the Mac maker. Developers are also told to include high-resolution assets for the App Store when they submit an app.

Application sellers are taken to the Apple Dev Center where the Cupertino mammoth explains that, “By optimizing your graphics for high resolution and letting the system frameworks do the rest, you can ensure seamless transitions between standard resolution displays and the Retina display.”

The Mac Apps section offers an introduction to High Resolution on OS X, complete with a guide to learn how to begin optimizing your Mac app to support Retina-grade notebooks.

Apple then offers some advanced tips and tricks, such as how to work with OpenGL surfaces and bitmaps, handle custom layer trees, and set up notifications for resolution changes, as well as some High-Resolution Guidelines, which include advanced techniques, APIs, testing, and more.

The OS X Human Interface Guidelines focuses on creating high resolution icons for Mac apps. And on the iOS front, developers are offered a Drawing and Printing Guide and the iOS Human Interface Guidelines.

For both categories of apps, the documentation includes: Optimizing 2D Graphics and Animation Performance and Advances in OpenGL and OpenGL ES.

Finally, developers are given Safari and Web instructions, such as Delivering Web Content on High Resolution Displays and Safari Image Delivery Best Practices.

“Get tips on how to efficiently deliver website images that look great on both standard resolution displays and Retina displays,” says Apple.

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