Apple Creates New Job Position

The Family Room Specialist is to provide One to One training, as well as Genius Bar service

Apple will soon begin hiring staff for Family Room Specialist – a job position recently created by the company. This specialist will need to be well versed in the ways of the iPod and iPhone, according to ifoAppleStore, but will also need to be a sociable person, in order to juggle with service and training assignments.

ifoAppleStore, the source dealing exclusively with news and information about Apple's retail stores, claims to have gained knowledge of a new job position within the company's retail segment. Unfortunately, the post doesn't link to Apple's Job Opportunities page, nor does it link to any other source for that matter. Seemingly, Apple itself hasn't posted the job description anywhere.

“Apple has created a new job position for its retail stores that will fill a double role of service and training,” reads the report. “The new Family Room Specialist will eventually be an entry-level position, although initially it’s being filled by applications from existing employees,” ifo says.

According to the report, this new kind of job will require the staffer to carry out One to One training sessions, as well as provide Genius Bar service for iPods and iPhones. The new Specialist will allegedly combine the existing Specialist and Genius/Creative positions. Reportedly, such an employee may also have career tracks into those positions.

In what looks like a plan to increase focus on iPod and iPhone support within Apple's retail stores, the company expects to eventually have up to 75 percent of iPod/iPhone appointments handled by this new position, according to the same report.

The Apple retail store is regarded as one of the best places to work for an electronics company. Most Apple job descriptions say that an Apple store staffer needs to be both tech savvy, as well as a very sociable, open minded person. Apple wants its employees to embrace and spread the love for stylish tech, but also offer customers every bit of service they might need or want from the company selling them the product.

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