Apple Confirms Next Logic Pro Release

Cupertino giant dismisses rumors about axing its pro audio team

The well-connected Jim Dalrymple of The Loop has shot down rumors of Apple “decimating” its Logic development team and now Apple’s own product marketing chief for Logic confirms that said rumors were indeed false.

Citing Pro Tools Expert sources, Macworld UK reported in November that Apple was axing the team behind its pro audio application, Logic.

“There may be no future for Apple's pro audio application Logic if reports that the company has ‘decimated’ its Pro Audio applications team turn out to be true,” the British publication said.

Granted, there was nothing definitive reported in November, but the rumor did spread like wildfire.

So one concerned customer going by the name of Nicholas decided to take the matter up with Tim Cook himself, Apple’s chief executive officer.

Cook forwarded the customer’s email to the Logic team whose music Product Marketing Chief, Xander Soren, refuted the claims.

Not only that, but he confirmed that Apple is getting ready to launch a brand new version of the music creation software (email reply reproduced below courtesy of MacRumors).

“Nicholas, thanks for your email. As the lead for our music creation apps, I always want to hear what our users are thinking. I want to assure you the team is still in place and hard at work on the next version of Logic Pro.


Apple last updated Logic three years ago, and while there are numerous elements in need of maintenance, Apple has constantly updated the software and its add-ons on a regular basis.

Rumors about Logic Pro X (to put the dubbing on par with Final Cut Pro X) have been short-lived.

There have been very few indications that Apple was coming out with a new version, but Mr. Xander’s email should provide some comfort to Logic Pro users who desperately need an upgrade.

For example, the suite continues to be limited from a memory standpoint – it can only tap 4GB of RAM, even though a computer may have as much as 8GB or 16GB of memory.

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