Apple Confirms MobileMe Downtime, Services Now Restored

Mail,, Find My iPhone all affected by unknown factors today

It appears that Apple has been having some serious Internet problems with MobileMe, the service soon to be made obsolete by iCloud. Thankfully, all services are now back online.

Our experience, for example, has been a non-functional Find My iPhone for the better part of this day.

And now we know why. Apple has just acknowledged that the issues with Mail,, as well as Find My iPhone, have been resolved.

“Some MobileMe members experienced delays with incoming mail. Normal service has been restored. We apologize for any inconvenience,” Apple says on the MobileMe system status page.

“Some MobileMe members were unable to access MobileMe applications at Normal service has been restored. We apologize for any inconvenience,” Apple adds.

Finally, “Some MobileMe members may have been unable to access Find My iPhone. Normal service has been restored,” reads another update.

The main system status page now reads “All MobileMe services are online” featuring the green dot (symbolizing all-is-fine-again).

As MobileMe users should well know, downtime is not at all unheard of for the MobileMe service. In fact, one could say it’s quite a common affair.

This time, however, the outage was considerably longer and it extended to most of the service. One cannot help wonder whether it had anything to do with the forthcoming transition to iCloud.

Both .Mac and MobileMe failed to take off as Steve Jobs hoped, and with the October 4 launch coming up, Apple’s engineers must be busy testing the iCloud backend for every possible flaw that may hinder a perfect launch.

Since much of the MobileMe functionality will be transitioned over to the new service, this is the most plausible scenario.

How about you? Any problems with MobileMe today? Failed to recover a stolen iPhone because of it? Sound off in the comments.


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