Apple Complaint Against Samsung to Be Reviewed by ITC Bloomberg

One of the decisions in the patent fight doesn't sit well with the regulative body

The patent war between Apple and Samsung has become so akin to a television drama that spectators cannot help but become involved.

The latest bystander to meddle in this matter is one that actually has business being there: the International Trade Commission.

From what we can gather, not all the decisions taken during the fight sit well with the ITC.

That is why the US agency, at Samsung's urging, will review an earlier ruling that found Samsung infringing four Apple patents.

For those somehow unaware of what this all is about, Apple sued Samsung a couple of years ago for allegedly copying its iPad when making the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet.

Since then, things have spiraled out of control and now the two are going after the other's slates and phones with a vengeance.

The ITC will reach a decision on March 27. It will determine whether Samsung will be banned from importing the infringing devices to the US.

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