Apple CEO Meets with China Mobile’s Xi Guohua

The duo “discussed matters of cooperation,” said a China Mobile spokesman

By on January 10th, 2013 14:27 GMT

A spokesman for China Mobile has confirmed that Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook met with China Mobile's Chairman Xi Guohua this morning to discuss “matters of cooperation.”

Spokesman Li Jun says CNBC in an email statement, “In the morning, Apple's CEO Tim Cook visited China Mobile's headquarters. China Mobile's Chairman Xi Guohua and Tim Cook discussed matters of cooperation.”

Apple has been showing immense interest in China over the last year, opening six new retail stores in some of the country’s most densely populated areas.

The next move, according to tech industry analysts and pundits alike, is to deploy the iPhone on China Mobile’s network which currently has 700 million subscribers.

Tim Cook himself told Sina Technology News, that “[Apple] will continue to expand in China and the number of retail stores we'll have will exceed 25.”