Apple Backtracks on OS X 10.8.3 Seeding, Says Invites Were Premature

Cupertino sends notice to developers saying the builds are coming “soon”

Developers enrolled with Apple’s annual software seeding program are being notified that invitations for OS X 10.8.3 testing were a bit premature. The beta will be released during the Thanksgiving week, according to the latest schedule.

Developers are receiving a notice from the mothership that states, “The [10.8.3] invites were sent out a little too early. We are working hard to provide you with a seed build soon, but we wanted to let you know that you have not missed any seed announcements.”

“Please enjoy the USA Thanksgiving holiday! The seed team will be enjoying a break as well.  Look for more information about the 10.8.3 seed during the week of November 26th!” reads Apple’s memo.

Late last month Apple issued a message to enrolled developers stating, “You are invited to participate in the next Mountain Lion Software Update seed project, OS X 10.8.3.”

No specific date was provided for when the builds would actually be released. However, the seeding was expected to occur relatively soon, as Apple typically sends invitations only when it’s ready to commit to a schedule.

OS X 10.8.3 will be the third maintenance update for Apple’s Mountain Lion operating system. The company usually spends a couple of months in testing between increments, which means 10.8.3 could be out before year’s end.

Apple has also adjusted its deadlines for application launches around Thanksgiving and the winter holiday to accommodate a scheduled iTunes Connect shutdown.

In October, Apple CEO Tim Cook issued a letter company-wide which read, “I’m happy to announce that we’re extending the Thanksgiving holiday once again this year.”

The majority of Apple’s staff will be on paid vacation November 19 through November 21. As usual, the Retail division will continue to work during this timeframe. Retail employees will be getting the extra three days off at a later date.

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