Apple Adds Tons of New Features and Changes in Aperture 3.4.2

Cupertino updates its professional photo editing software for Macs

Photography fans using Aperture as their main editing solution will be glad to learn that Apple has released a new update for them, adding a flurry of tweaks and enhancements that are sure to improve the photo manipulation experience tenfold.

In Aperture 3.4.2, photos received through My Photo Stream or shared streams can now be added to other shared streams directly, while the Info panel for a shared stream now includes an Unsubscribe button.

A number of changes included in the latest iPhoto update are also making their way into the new Aperture.

For example, users can now copy and paste multiple email addresses in the "Shared with" field for shared streams, and people names are now displayed correctly when more than five subscribers "Like" a photo in a shared stream.

Users will notice that the status line in the toolstrip now displays the number of new photos added to a shared stream, and that faces are now detected properly.

Adjusted photos are now published with EXIF metadata properly preserved, and a user’s custom keyboard shortcuts are now properly preserved when performing an upgrade.

A problem encountered by users that could prevent the Viewer from displaying edited images with the correct color has been addressed. Also, RAW files are no longer displayed in the Import window when users tick the "JPEG files only" option.

Apple says “key photos” resulted from panoramas will be displayed at high resolution now. And stability is improved when working with AVCHD video files, according to the release notes.

Other enhancements and fixes are listed below.

· Addresses a problem that could cause the Info panel in the Inspector to display the wrong metadata view

· Fixes an issue that could prevent Microsoft Outlook from being used to email photos from within Aperture

· Fixes a problem with using the Zoom navigator on a second display

· Addresses issues that could cause web journals to export incorrectly

· Includes stability improvements

System requirements include OS X Lion 10.7.5 and OS X 10.8.2 or later.

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