Apple Acquires Advertising Firm Quattro, Sources Inform

The $275M deal is yet to be confirmed

Apple may announce the acquisition of advertising firm Quattro Wireless as soon as this week, people familiar with the company’s plans tell All Things D. The Mac maker reportedly acquired Quattro for $275 million in what was a first for the Cupertino-based electronics maker.

The tech-focused site reports that, according to several of its sources, “Apple is set to announce that it has acquired Quattro Wireless for $275 million [...] The announcement of the acquisition might come as soon as tomorrow, upping the ante in the mobile advertising business significantly.”

The move may have never occurred, had Apple been able to snag AdMob, the premiere advertiser on smartphone platforms today. Left with smaller firms to choose from, Apple seemingly decided not to waste any time and enter this market niche as soon as possible, perhaps in an attempt to secure advertising via its upcoming tablet. The company’s iPhone continues to outpace other smartphones in advertising revenues earned, while Quattro is actually a competitor to AdMob, which Google outbid Apple in purchasing for $750 million a few months ago, according to 9to5mac.

The value of the acquisition can be measured by looking at the cash raised from two main venture investors – Highland Capital Partners and Globespan Capital Partners. According to All Things D, thanks to deals struck with clients including Ford (F), Disney (DIS) and the National Football League, Quattro has raised close to $30 million. Other details of the purchase remain under wraps. An Apple spokesperson declined to comment to BoomTown, while emails sent to Quattro are yet to be returned, the same site informs.

Apple has recently secured a patent of what appears to be an ad-supported operating system. Softpedia reported in October (2009) that the patent was undoubtedly a way for Apple to secure its ideas for whatever the future might hold. While an ad-supported desktop OS would most likely be met with criticism today, a tablet employing such methods of advertising may not be so far-fetched.

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