Apple Acknowledges Apple TV 5.1 Issue with Ethernet Connections

Apple TV 5.1 software may be unable to play certain content, update

A rare issue involving Ethernet connections on Apple TVs running 5.1 has been plaguing a number of customers attempting to play content from Hulu, YouTube, and WS Live. Apple advises customers to update their set-top boxes.

The issue was initially reported on Apple’s own forums by customers attempting to update their devices via Ethernet, and while the video issues may be fixed in 5.1.1 as Apple states, the update problem remains to be fixed in a future update.

Apple explains that “In rare instances, Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation) models using Apple TV Software 5.1 may be unable to play certain content using an Ethernet connection.”

The affected content sources include Hulu Plus, MLB, NHL, YouTube, Photo Stream, and WSJ Live says the company.

According to Apple, “This issue may also prevent you from installing Apple TV software updates using an Ethernet connection.” This is precisely what customers have been reporting on Apple Support Communities for the past few days.

Apple says the “resolution” is to update the Apple TV software.

“This issue affected a small number of routers and switches and is resolved in Apple TV Software 5.1.1,” according to a Support document issued this week by the Cupertino giant.

However, the problem isn’t entirely resolved, as Apple also states, “If you are unable to install the update using an Ethernet connection, disconnect your Ethernet connection temporarily and use a Wi-Fi connection to update.”

Indeed this has been the only workaround for customers discussing the problem in at least two separate threads on the aforementioned Apple forum.

Once users update their set-top boxes via Wi-Fi, they can revert to the Ethernet connection without issues for playing video content.

Apple TV 5.1.1 adds support for the new Up Next feature delivered in iTunes 11. Users can now see upcoming songs, add new ones and edit the queue with the iOS Remote app when playing music on their Apple TVs.

The update also includes “performance and stability improvements with the iTunes Store, AirPlay, Netflix, iTunes Match, and wired Ethernet connections,” according to the documentation released by Apple.

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