Apple Accuses Samsung of Ignoring a Court Order

It did not deliver the source code for all the products

Apple and Samsung have been suing each other over products, but now they are suing each other over the reactions to said attacks, or lack thereof.

Apple was the one who started it all and now it is making things continue onwards, despite the grumblings of either side.

What it is trying to do is make it impossible for Samsung to use certain source code as evidence in the trial.

Some time ago, the federal court in San Jose, California issued a court order that demanded Samsung to let Apple examine its source code for the products under litigation.

The deadline was December 31, but Samsung complied for only one of the consumer electronics devices.

It is this that Apple is now trying to use in court: since Samsung didn't comply with the order, it should not be allowed to use as evidence the source code that it failed to hand over.

The Cupertino company says that even if Samsung finally provided all the code now, there would not be enough time to build a case from it, since expert reports are due in less than two weeks.

Apple and Samsung used to be very good friends until late 2011, when the former sued the latter over the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

After a period when the item was banned in Australia, the injunction was lifted and the war started in earnest.

Apple had already filed similar lawsuits in Germany and the Netherlands by then, prompting Samsung to retaliate with some 3G lawsuits of its own.

In the meantime, Samsung designed a new tablet for Germany (Galaxy Tab 10.1N) and continued to dispute its rival's claims, even throwing jabs at it in commercials.

We've chronicled the whole ordeal, so users can go right over here and check out everything there is to read.

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