Apple's 'Legal Copy' Ad Actually Shows Microsoft Disclaimer

New Get a Mac ad spurs commentary

As reported earlier today, Apple has posted as many as four new Get a Mac ads, featuring the same two characters we've grown to love with the release of every new commercial. One of the ads in particular takes on Microsoft's disclaimers. By viewing it in HD, you can actually read the legal text, allowing you to make out more from the commercial in question.

Courtesy of the people over at MacJournals, Macworld has posted one bit of the legal text that fills the screen up with every statement that PC makes regarding the user-friendliness of Windows in Apple's "Legal Copy" ad. Apparently, saying Windows is easier to use than Mac requires a bit of explanation.

Softpedia note: did Microsoft actually say that Windows is "much more simple and intuitive than the Mac?" That would require a little explanation, to say the least.

Without further ado, Microsoft's disclaimer, used by Apple in one of its new Get a Mac ads, contains the following chunk of text:

To avoid sluggish operating systems, crashing and freezing, it is recommended that you clean up your system registry, defragment your hard drive, free up your disk space, and perform other routine maintenance tasks. To clean out your system registry, first backup your data, back up your registry, purchase, download, and install Registry Repair program, then quit all programs, scan registry, determine safe registry items to repair/delete/remove, select ok, and repeat if necessary. To defragment your hard drive, click start, and go to all programs > accessories > system tools > and open disk defragmenter, then select C: drive, select defragment and wait. To free up disk space on your PC, click start, go to all programs > accessories > system tools > and open disk cleanup. Scan will automatically start. From scan results, select files to be removed, select ok. Restarting your PC may then be necessary upon completion of system registry clean up, hard drive defragmentation, and disk space clean out.

MacJournals makes a note of its own saying that many of the procedures Apple suggests to be specific to Windows actually apply to all computers. Those include the Macintosh. Sure, maintenance can be more easily carried out on a Mac (as everything else, really) but the point has been made. Apple itself cannot do without disclaimers, whether it is talking about the actual number of bytes available with a Mac's hard drive, or the additional requirements and notes for the iLife and iWork suites.

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