Appeals Court to Issue Ruling on Bin Laden Burial Photos Release

Judicial Watch is demanding the pics be released, under the Freedom of Information Act

A federal appeals court met yesterday, Thursday January 10, to rule on whether or not Bin Laden's burial photos should remain classified.

Robert Loeb of the DOJ's Civil Division spoke for the release of the pictures, as it could not possibly reveal anything that would endanger national security. The government insist it would somehow harm the public; however, Loeb responds that the assumption is "mere conjecture."

The court is joined as the Judicial Watch organization dubbed failing to release the pics a breach of the Freedom of Information Act.

According to ABA Journal, rep Michael Bekesha demands an explanation on why they constitute top secret information, which really defeats the purpose of classifying something as “secret.”

However, I can see Bekesha's point, as I do not believe that seeing pictures of Bin Laden during his funeral would be detrimental to the public.

If you think the photos should be released, share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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