Apache Subversion 1.7.7 Officially Released

The developers have implemented a large number of bugfixes

By on October 10th, 2012 13:01 GMT

Apache Subversion, a fully-featured version control system originally designed to be a better CVS, has reached version 1.7.7.

Apache Subversion 1.7.7 brings a lot of bugfixes, which are available for the client and the server alike. Questions, comments, and bug reports can be submitted to the proper address.

Highlight of Apache Subversion 1.7.7:

• Issues with applying Git patch files have been fixed;
• External diff tool no longer duplicates Index: lines with 'svn diff';
• GNOME keyring library no longer fails with very old glib;
• Unknown password stored in config file no longer causes an error;
• An unbounded memory use, with SVNPathAuthz short_circuit, has been fixed;
• The build now fails when apache httpd is not available.

A complete list of changes, for the client and the server, can be found in the official changelog.

Download Apache Subversion 1.7.7
right now from Softpedia.