Apacer to Announce 4GB DDR2-800MHz Dual-Channel Memory Kit

Comes to rescue the choking systems

Apacer has just announced its new line of 4GB DDR2-800MHz dual-channel memory module products for the desktop PC sector. The memory kit is comprised of two 2 GB modules that have been thoroughly tested to comply with the dual-kit specifications, which ensures high stability for dual-channel operation.

Apacer's memory modules are built in accordance to the JEDEC standard, and uses 1GB (128Mb x 8) pin architecture, built with the 70-nanometer process technology. The FBGA (Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array) chip packaging keep the memory modules at a minimum size, in order to offer a performance boost while making sure that they don't hinder the airflow within the computer case.

The high-frequency modules work at higher frequencies and are more energy-efficient than the previous generations of memory produced using older process technology. The DDR2-800MHz modules can provide a maximum bandwidth of 12.8GB per second (in dual-channel mode) at a factory-default voltage of 1.8V.

"In developing the dual-channel architecture for its new 4GB DDR2-800MHz memory module, Apacer has insisted on using memory chips with the same specification from the same supplier, and from the same batch, for both modules. Chip packaging is preceded by rigorous dual-channel environment testing. At every stage from die selection through production and testing right through to packaging, great care is taken to ensure that the memory module will provide the best possible performance and stability in a dual-channel environment," said the company's spokespersons.

The dual-kit memory module pack is targeted especially at users who run memory-intensive game software, as gaming is severely affected by memory bottlenecks or high latencies. When the system runs out of memory, the subsequently launched applications are re-directed to the computer's paging file - the "virtual memory" that is much slower than the RAM memory because of the hard-drive's high access time. Providing the system with enough RAM memory will keep it running smoothly.

There is no word on the dual-kit's pricing yet, but we expect ti to be priced at around $60.

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