Anything But a Leather Case for the 3G Shuffle

Case manufacturer intros leather protection for Apple's talking iPod

For the love of God, a leather case for the third-generation iPod shuffle?! The device is so light it barely sounds when it hits the floor, yet some believe owners need protection, as well as something to hang their shuffles in. NEWSFLASH – the fresh shuffle already has a cool clip for hanging; it's so flexible that it clings to almost anything, while the iPod itself is a sight to behold. Who in their right mind would want to hide their 3rd generation iPod shuffle?!

Described as “leather case for shuffle, accessory for ipod [sic] shuffle,” the leather sleeve offers state-of-the-art features like “leather case for shuffle, leather case for ipod [sic] shuffle” (talk about repeating yourself to add credibility); “high quality real skin or pu case;” “available in different color [sic];” “fashionable design in different style [sic] and top open” ('top open' is a plus, with a side open being a huge minus, right?), and last, but certainly not least, “packing with blister or in bulk.”

I'm not sucking up to Apple when I say I believe the new iPod shuffle has got it all, out of the box, and needs no complementary additions whatsoever. The device is the simplest and probably the best looking player of its kind on the market. Sure, it uses that wretched VoiceOver feature instead of allowing the owner to use some well deserved intuitive controls (buttons), but other than that, the new iPod shuffle is one cool piece of engineering.

The fresh shuffle's design is sleek enough to go even with elegant clothing, while small enough to fit anywhere, in case you want it out of sight. Also, the highly retractable clip allows its user to attach the player securely to a shirt, jacket, workout gear, backpack (your ear, if you want)... virtually anything, really. Whatever your plans with the 3G shuffle, there's no way you could be disappointed with the way it looks on you.

Then, there are the controls. While the commands for play, pause, skip track, and return to previous track are done via the controls situated on the headphone cord, there's a switch on the device itself that is used for various other functions, such as turning the shuffle on and off, or switching from shuffle to continuous play. A case adding another obstacle to an already overcomplicated playback mechanism just doesn't cut it.

Lastly (although I'm sure there are countless other reasons why a product like the leather case for iPod shuffle shouldn't even exist), that leather goes with the iPod's anodized aluminum case as well as Bill Gates' family goes with iPods.

There is, perhaps, one category of owners who would try and preserve their shuffle for as long as possible, using one of these sleeves – those who've received the device as a gift and / or have had it engraved. I agree that, for an iPod carrying sentimental value, you would want protection.

Does anyone else here think the shuffle is only good in standard form?


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