Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith Divorce Is Almost Certain

New report says their problem is not new but irremediable this time

Despite the fact that Antonio Banderas himself denied reports that his 15-year marriage to Melanie Griffith was in any kind of trouble, rumors continue to make the rounds. Insiders are now saying that divorce is imminent.

Radar Online has spoken to various sources close to the couple, and they vouch that Melanie and Antonio are going through the roughest patch ever in their relationship.

There's no fighting and there's no scandal: it would seem that the two simply stopped working as a couple, from what spies are saying.

“Everyone in the family is distraught over this but the sad fact is they’re really not in a good place. At this point the word is that they’re literally on the brink of a divorce,” a source tells Radar, refusing to go on record with their real name.

Admittedly, the two stars have been in counseling for some time trying to work out their differences but, so far, there's been no luck on that front.

Even so, they continue to deny they might be having issues too severe to solve.

“They love each other very much and always will but they haven’t been the way they used to be for a while now. They used to be the most passionate couple, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. But they haven’t been intimate in months and rarely even sleep in the same room these days. It’s not good,” the insider says.

Both Melanie and Antonio are heartbroken and, at the same time, determined to keep mum on the topic, at least as regards divorce speculation in the press.

“Melanie is absolutely distraught. This was her fairytale and it’s falling apart. They’ve been through rough spots before, so there’s always hope that they’ll get it together and fix this, but right now that is definitely not looking like that is the case. There’s still a lot of love there though, that’s for sure,” the source says.

“It’s not a case of them hating each other but it’s a very hard time for everyone right now. No one really wants to accept that it’s happening, that’s why they’re still keeping it all under wraps,” adds the spy.

The two might also be putting off the divorce announcement until they come to an understanding as to what they should tell the kids, the insider suggests.

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