Antivirus Firm Founder John McAfee Accused of Murder, Says He’s Innocent

His dogs were poisoned shortly before his neighbor was shot in the head

John McAfee, the founder of the world-renowned security solutions provider, is accused of having murdered his neighbor. McAfee claims that he’s innocent and he even believes that he might have been the killer’s target.

It’s no secret to anyone that John McAfee doesn’t get along with authorities from Belize. Back in April, the Gang Suppression Unit raided his home, confiscated his weapons and his passport, killed one of his dogs, and arrested him.

At the time, the charges were dropped, but now he’s certain that they’re fed up with him and they want him out of the picture for good.

According to reports, Gregory Faull, McAfee’s 52-year-old neighbor, was found murdered in his house on Saturday. He was shot in the back of his head, most likely with a 9mm Luger.

Authorities suspect McAfee because he allegedly had an argument with Faull before the murder.

However, the founder of the antivirus firm told Wired that he knew nothing about the murder, except for the fact that he heard the gun shots. On the other hand, he believed that he might have been the killer’s target.

“I thought maybe they were coming for me. They mistook him for me. They got the wrong house,” he explained.

Wired’s Joshua Davis explains that McAfee’s problems with his neighbors might be caused by his six dogs. Faull is said to have even filed official complaints against him.

Coincidentally or not, on Friday night, someone poisoned all his dogs. Although his unhappy neighbors would seem the prime suspects, McAfee says that they’re all dog lovers and he points the finger at Belize authorities.

McAfee has gone into hiding. He believes that if the police get to him, they’ll kill him.

“You can say I’m paranoid about it but they will kill me, there is no question. They’ve been trying to get me for months. They want to silence me. I am not well liked by the prime minister. I am just a thorn in everybody’s side,” he said.

However, he doesn’t plan on leaving the country any time soon.

On the other side of the fence, Belize law enforcement representatives deny the allegations according to which they’re after him. They’ve admitted that he is the main suspect in this case, but they claim they have nothing personal against him and they deny having poisoned his dogs.

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