Antisec Hackers Dump Massive Cache of Law Enforcement Data

Hackers associated with Anonymous' Operation Antisec have leaked a massive cache of personal records, email messages and confidential documents belonging to law enforcement agencies.

The data was obtained recently when the group hacked into a server housing 77 websites belonging to county sheriff offices and other local law enforcement organizations.

The leak has been posted on ThePirateBay and also mirrored on a website accessible only over the Tor anonymity network.

It consists of 10GBs-worth of emails taken from 300 email accounts maintained by 56 law enforcement agencies.

The personal information of over 7,000 people including police officers, inmates and informants is also included and so are confidential police reports.

The public availability of this data puts many people at risk of physical harm, but the hacktivists make it clear that they don't care.

"We have no sympathy for any of the officers or informants who may be endangered by the release of their personal information," they write in their release announcement.

"For too long they have been using and abusing our personal information, spying on us, arresting us, beating us, and thinking that they can get away with oppressing us in secrecy. Well it's retribution time," they add.

The AntiSec supporters claim they were amused by the statements of various law enforcement officials who downplayed the security breach after it was announced earlier this week.

The leak is also in support to Topiary and other Anonymous supporters arrested recently in US and abroad. "You may bust a few of us, but we greatly outnumber you, and you can never stop us from continuing to destroy your systems and leak your data," the hackers warn.

The message of this massive leak is clear. Antisec hackers are at war with both the intelligence community and law enforcement agencies, and there's no end in sight to this conflict. Neither side is likely to back down.

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