Antibacterial Pillow Can Cure Acne as We Sleep

By lowering the levels of bacteria on the face

Acne is a common skin condition with teens, but it can become a truly serious issue if it prolongs past that age, as it is sometimes the case. Since the causes for acne depend from person to person, countless “myths” about combating it have emerged, but the one thing that does not change from case to case is that the pillow plays an essential part in making acne go away, or simply become worse. Because of this, Precision Fabrics has come up with a pillow that fights it as we sleep.

The pillow case is, as noted above, essential in fighting acne because it is the only surface our face comes into contact with for so much time. By gathering natural oils (from the face and the hair), chemicals (that we apply on the skin and hair) and bacteria, the pillow becomes our worst enemy at nighttime.

Open pores and pimples turn into gates for bacteria infection, which means that acne aggravates in time if the pillow case is not changed every other night. The other solution would be a Precision Fabrics pillow, as it is antibacterial, which means it can actually cure the condition as we sleep.

“Made from a fabric that contains an anti-bacterial compound, the pillow is designed to lower levels of bacteria on the face. The fabric is half polyester and half nylon, which means it has a silk-like finish. Materials with a rough finish can irritate inflamed skin. Dermatologists who’ve developed the treated fabric claim it will help the skin heal during sleep over 12 weeks.” the British publication the Daily Mail says of the revolutionary product.

As it happens, this is not all that the manufacturing company is offering in terms of lowering the levels of bacteria that come into contact with our face while we sleep, albeit the most important for people suffering from acne. Precision Fabrics also retails bed linen and pillow cases made of a fabric meant for asthma and allergy sufferers, which means no more sleepless nights spent staring at the ceiling.

“Allergy and asthma sufferers have struggled for years to find comfortable, washable bedding that would filter out dust, dust mites and other allergens. That’s why we developed Pristine fabrics. These innovative fabrics offer the solution for effective allergen barrier bedding products. They’re a soft, comfortable, breathable alternative to hot, noisy vinyl laminates and are extremely durable and easy to wash, important factors to allergy sufferers.” the company adds on its official website.

Update - Precision Fabrics tells us the following regarding the antibacterial pillow that might have the potential to be used as a cure for acne:

Recent European press and internet reports have discussed possible research by Precision Fabrics Group, Inc. (PFG) involving fabrics for use in the treatment of acne. At this time, PFG is investigating the possibility that pillow coverings made of certain specialty fabrics may offer some benefit when used as part of a treatment regimen for acne.  This research is in still in its early stages, so it is unknown whether the concept offers any therapeutic value, or whether products employing this technology will be commercially available from PFG at some time in the future. 

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