AntiX MEPIS 8.2 Released

Based on SimplyMEPIS and Debian Testing

The team behind the AntiX project recently announced, on July 24th, the final release of AntiX MEPIS 8.2, a fast and lightweight Linux distribution based on SimplyMEPIS and Debian Testing. "On behalf of the antiX-team I am proud to announce that antiX MEPIS 8.2 is a fast, light, flexible and complete desktop and livecd based on SimplyMEPIS and Debian Testing is now available in full and base versions. This release defaults to a fully customised icewm desktop (fluxbox is also installed) using a SimplyMEPIS 2.6.27-25 kernel and tweaked MEPIS Assistants for better compatibility in antiX." was stated in the official release announcement. Without further introduction, let's have a look at the main features of AntiX MEPIS 8.2:

· Faster boot times;

· X.Org 7.4;

· Improved antiX-Control Centre, with:

· new screenshots scripts;

· phonebook;

· mouse configuration tool;

· IceWeasel 3.0.11;

· Pidgin 2.5.8;

· Abiword 2.6.8;

· Gnumeric 1.9.9;

· Rox-Filer 2.9;

· Claws Mail 3.5;

· Added meta-installer;

· Wicd 1.6.1;

· Added UMTSmon, for 3G USB modem users;

· Dillo 2.1-1.

Also available in the new AntiX MEPIS 8.2 are the following applications: Gecko Media Player, Alpine, GNOME MPlayer, Cheese, antix2usb script, Alsa Player and many more.

About AntiX:

Remastered from MEPIS, AntiX is a fast and lightweight Linux distribution based on SimplyMEPIS and Debian Testing. Although it is created for older hardware, you can use it on a powerful computer too, so you can perform a lot more tasks at the same time, and with a smaller memory footprint.  AntiX MEPIS is build on top of the IceWM window manager and includes all the applications you'll need for your daily tasks.

Download AntiX MEPIS 8.2 right now from Softpedia.

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