AntiSec Hackers Leak Over 1,500 Records from GlobalCerts Databases

Names, job titles, email addresses and other details were published online

GlobalCerts (, a firm that offers secure messaging and other similar solutions, is apparently the victim of a hack.

A hacker called Stun (57UN), working under the Anonymous and AntiSec banners, claims to have breached the company’s systems.

The file he published online contains around 1,600 names, job titles, phone numbers, email addresses, company names and other information.

“Company that should be protecting, got hacked and failed to protect,” the hacker wrote next to the leaked details.

We have reached out to GlobalCerts a few hours ago to learn if they’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure that such incidents will not occur in the future. So far, they haven’t responded to our inquiry, but we’ll update this post to include their statement in case they do.

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