Anti-Virus Blocks Windows 8 Users from Logging in with Microsoft Accounts

Previously-configured Microsoft accounts no longer work to sign into Windows 8 systems

Plenty of users have complained that they’re no longer allowed to sign into Windows 8 with a Microsoft account and the only error they’re seeing is an incorrect password message.

“When I try to log into my Windows 8 PC, I get an error that my password is not correct but I can log into web sites such as Hotmail with the same password. Why is this happening?” one user explained on the Microsoft support forums.

Assuming that you haven’t configured your keyboard to work with more than one layout, the issue is caused by Webroot Software, Cliff_N, a forum moderator on Microsoft’s Answers forum, explained.

“We have identified a problem where some users can’t sign into Windows 8 with a Microsoft account,” he wrote citing a Microsoft statement.

Webroot anti-virus software prior to version is reportedly removing some core Windows 8 registry entries, so the operating system blocks users from signing in with a Microsoft account. This particular version, however, resolves the issue, so all users are recommended to update as soon as possible.

The biggest problem is that some users cannot sign into Windows 8 at all in order to update the anti-virus solution. A local administrator account is the best, the easiest and the fastest way to deal with the issue. Otherwise, you have no other option than to restore or refresh the Windows 8 installation.

“If you are able to sign into your computer using a local account, do so and update your Webroot software to the latest version. After rebooting, you should be able to sign in with your Microsoft account,” the forum moderator said.

“If you only sign into your computer with Microsoft accounts, and they all return the ‘password is incorrect’ error, you will need to reset or restore your computer to a point prior to Webroot being installed in order to sign in to update Webroot.”

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