Anti-Piracy Groups Are Still Asking Google to Remove Links to MegaUpload, Demonoid

None of these groups are held accountable for their lies

The current copyright system is being abused and not just by the pirates. Granted, pirates aren't as much abusing the system as ignoring it exists in the first place. Copyright holders on the other hand are going wild, handing out millions of takedown requests even as they're legally bound to tell the truth in each and every one of them.

That is, any DMCA complaints takedown request that is proved to be inaccurate can be considered perjury, a criminal offense. With millions of these takedowns heading Google's way every week, some of them are bound to be erroneous.

Even a 0.1 percent error rate would mean 1,500 of the takedown requests that Google alone receives every week, without counting YouTube, are false. There's been no case of any copyright holder held accountable for the stuff they take down though.

There have been plenty of cases of downright incompetence and ignorance, but if you need more proof, how about the fact that Google still receives thousands of requests for sites such as MegaUpload - dead for nine months, Demonoid - dead for a month, or BTjunkie - dead for seven months.

Google's transparency report for takedown requests shows that companies are asking for links to MegaUpload and all the others even as recently as yesterday, the most recent data Google published, hundreds of URLs in total.

FileSonic, which has been dead for several weeks is still probably the biggest target. But at least FileSonic went down recently, MegaUpload has been dead since the start of the year and it wasn't exactly a quiet affair.

Yet none of the companies that are censoring all these links, the BPI, IFPI, all the major labels, major software companies, including Microsoft, are held responsible for the blatant lies they tell in allegedly legal documents.


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