Anti-Piracy Group Already Trying to Take Down Mega, the MegaUpload Successor

Mega has barely been live for a day and the threats start coming

Barely has Mega been live for a day when people are lining up to kill it. Granted, the larger organizations, which obviously hold a very personal grudge against Dotcom, haven't made their move yet though they can't be enjoying all the attention the site has.

But others wanting to share some of that attention haven't been so restrained. StopFileLockers, an organization dedicated to exactly what its name says, is already going after Mega by trying to cut off its finances.

Mega doesn't accept direct payments as it is, it said that it would not be able to meet PayPal's various requirements so it didn't even try.

Rather, users pay for the premium tiers via resellers, various companies sell vouchers, which can be redeemed on the site. Dropbox or Google Drive doesn't have to go through this, but it comes with the territory for Mega.

StopFileLockers has a history of trying to shut down cyberlocker sites by going after their funding and, unfortunately, this bullying has paid off somewhat.

Now, the group argues that it has done the same for Mega and that it has already gotten PayPal to freeze the fundings of some of Mega's resellers, all respectable and known companies.

Whether any of this actually happened and PayPal has taken measures against these companies remains to be seen, but it would not be too surprising either way.

Mega is not that much different from the hundreds of companies offering cloud storage. One thing that sets it apart from Dropbox and its likes, for example, is the fact that public sharing is better supported and not limited in terms of traffic, at least not as limited.

But Mega does have straightforward tools for copyright owners to request the removal of content they believe is infringing, much like MegaUpload had as well. It also warns users that anything they upload is their sole responsibility.

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