Antec TrueQuiet Pro 120mm Fans Released

With fused blades and LEDs, they are actually quite expensive

One wouldn't think that a fan would be justified in bearing a price of 18.95 Euro / $18.95, let alone 26.95 Euro / $26.95, but that didn't stop Antec from setting the tags of its latest fans to exactly those sums.

Antec isn't even trying to pretend that its TrueQuiet Pro 120mm fans are supposed to be affordable to the masses.

They are high-end, high-quality fans for gamers and anyone else who wants a top-of-the-line desktop PC that looks as good as it runs.

That said, one of the two fans, called TrueQuiet Pro 120 White, also the more expensive one, uses the fused fan blade design that ensures a quiet, strong cooling performance (high airflow and few moving parts).

The other fan, TrueQuiet LED, comes in red, white, green and blue. They don’t use the fused fan blade design though, as far as we can tell, hence the lower price.


Antec TrueQuiet Fans (3 Images)

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