Another Proof That Windows 8 Performed Well Below Expectations Bloomberg

HP executive confirms that Microsoft’s new OS had a pretty slow start

Even though Microsoft revealed a couple of weeks ago that it managed to sell 60 million Windows 8 copies since launch, analysts and experts around the world continue to talk about a disappointment sales performance of the new operating system.

And as far as HP’s Executive Vice President Todd Bradley is concerned, Windows 8 had a rather disappointing start.

Bradley revealed in an interview with Bloomberg Television that Windows 8 failed to impress after launch, but he admitted that sales are increasing right now.

“It was a slower start than many people expected. We see continued momentum and continued growth,” he said.

According to figures released by NPD Group earlier this month, Windows 8 did little to boost holiday PC sales, even though the operating system was expected to help the recovery of the hardware industry.

Sales of Windows notebooks under $500 (€380) dropped 16 percent as compared 2011, while touchscreen notebooks represented 4.5 percent of the overall Windows 8 sales.

“Despite the hype, and hope, around the launch of Windows 8, the new operating system did little to boost holiday sales or improve the year-long Windows notebook sales decline,” NPD Group said.

In addition, Argus Research analyst Joseph Bonner said in a statement that Windows 8 is well behind Windows 7 in terms of early sales, explaining that Microsoft new OS would only take off sometimes this year.

“While sales of Windows 7 took nine months to ramp up, Windows 8 thus far appears to be well behind the Windows 7 adoption curve,” he explained.

And still, Microsoft says everything goes according to the plan, as the company had managed to deliver no more, no less than 60 million Windows 8 copies since October 26. That’s in line with Windows 7, Tami Reller, one of the two women in charge with the Windows division, said in a statement.

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