Anonymous to the UK Government: You Have Made Us Your Enemy – Video

The hacktivsts once again threaten United Kingdom authorities

Anonymous hackers say that the United Kingdom government has disregarded their requests to assist citizens. As a result, the hacktivists have declared war on “the current system.”

“We have asked politely on many occasions that you change your attitude towards leadership, that you serve the country rather than control it, that you maintain the rights and freedoms of citizens,” the hacktivists said in a video statement.

“Instead, you have decided to impose worsening austerity measures upon the people of the UK, increasing taxes for citizens and small businesses, making cuts to our National Health Service, education system, pensions and police force.”

Anonymous accuses the government of giving tax breaks to “wealthy corporations” and “enormous bonuses” to the bankers, who the hacktivists believe are responsible for the country’s financial crisis.

“To the UK government, you have made an enemy of Anonymous, you have angered us considerably and we pose a significant threat to you. You disregard the requests of the people and continue to operate for your own selfish gain,” they added.

“Anonymous is not a small group of powerless people to ignore, we are an organised , globally active, collective of like-minded individuals and our message is clear, we declare war on this current system you have imposed on us.”

This is the second time over the past few months when Anonymous threatens the UK government. Back in August 2012, they sent a message to officials asking them to free Julian Assange.

“Anonymous UK will continue to be the thorn in your side if you do not,” they said at the time.

However, Julian Assange is still confined to the Ecuadorian embassy, which means that their threats haven't been taken too seriously and their actions haven't had too much of an impact.

Here is the video published by Anonymous on YouTube:

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