Anonymous to Protest Against TrapWire and INDECT on October 20

Some countries have already confirmed their participation

Anonymous are planning to protest both online and offline against US’ TrapWire and Europe’s INDECT project on October 20, 2012. The activists are urging their supporters to join the protests that will take place in most major cities.

“World-wide Protests against #surveillance-Systems #Trapwire #INDECT, Saturday 20 October 2012,” reads a tweet posted by OpIndect on August 21.

Anti-terrorist mass surveillance projects have caused a lot of buzz lately, especially after the Stratfor emails published by WikiLeaks unveiled the existence of TrapWire. This controversial system has unearthed INDECT, an older, similar project from Europe.

Hacktivists worldwide have joined forces to protest against them. They created Facebook events, Google maps, flyers and “pads” in an effort to coordinate the movement.

“Operation TrapWire is a direct action of the over-arching Anonymous Operation USA. TrapWire is but one instance of how the government of the USA has turned against its own citizens, designating them as suspects and enemies,” Anonymous wrote shortly after the world learned of TrapWire.

“Now those citizens rise, and take back their country and their freedom. Welcome to the Second American Revolution.”

So far, individuals from Germany, Portugal and France have confirmed their participation at the protests, and others from the US, Canada, UK, Australia and countries from Latin America are expected to do so as well.

In the meantime, rumors have started circulating about a possible connection between TrapWire and the Anonymizer software developed by Cubic Corporation. The company has released a statement on August 13 to explain that there isn’t any connection between it and TrapWire.

On the other hand, Barrett Brown – the famous Anonymous spokesperson – has been keeping track of the rumors and statements that revolve around this controversial system. He claims that Cubic’s executives are lying about their involvement in the project.

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