Anonymous to Protest Against Monsanto with DDOS Attacks and Defacements

Operation Monsanto will be launched on October 12, 2013

Hackers of Anonymous Americalatina plan on launching a protest campaign on October 12, 2013 against Monsanto. The operation against the controversial seed giant, OpMonsanto, will allegedly include distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks and website defacements.

“We applaud the bravery of the organizations and citizens who are standing up to Monsanto, and we are united with you against this oppressive corporate abuse. Monsanto is contaminating the world with chemicals and genetically modified food crops for profit while claiming to feed the hungry and protect the environment,” the hackers said in a video statement released in September.

Anonymous hackers demand that Monsanto stop contaminating the global food chain, intimidating small farmers, using destructive herbicides and pesticides, and bribing officials.

“Anonymous urges all concerned citizens to stand up for these farmers, fight for the future of your own food. Protest, organize, spread info to your friends! Say no to toxic chemicals in your food! Say no to GMO! Say no to Monsanto!” the hackers concluded their statement.

I’ll be monitoring the operation and provide updates if the hacktivists’ threats materialize.

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