Anonymous: We Will Not Allow Israeli Propagandists to Undermine Our Efforts

The hacktivists plan on providing humanitarian aid to Gaza

Anonymous and non-Anonymous hacktivists from all over the world are currently busy launching attacks against Israel’s cyberspace. Israeli officials claimed that, so far, they’ve been able to fend off all except one of the tens of millions of attacks.

However, Anonymous representatives state that they will not allow “Israeli propagandists to undermine [their] efforts.”

Furthermore, they claim that they will continue OpIsrael until the country meets certain requirements.

“Operation Israel will not stop until Israel makes valid and successful efforts to begin peace talks with Palestine; delivers humanitarian aid for the civilians they have wounded; and provides reparations to the families of the Gazan children they have slaughtered,” they stated.

So far, thousands of Israeli websites have been hacked and tens of thousands of account details have been leaked, but the hacktivists reveal that the next phase of the campaign will also focus on providing humanitarian aid to Gaza.

“We will also amass word-wide public support to boycott any product that directly or indirectly funds the Israeli government. If you are wise, you will expect us,” they said.

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