Anonymous Warns Canadians About Bill C-45, Enhanced Driver’s Licenses – Video

The hacktivists strongly oppose the new legislation

Anonymous Canada has released a new video statement to warn the country’s citizens about the recently introduced, controversial Bill C-45, also known as the second omnibus budget bill.

The hacktivists claim that the Harper government is trying to use the 400-page bill to hide its secret agenda.

“Omnibus Bill C-45 was passed in Parliament just a few weeks ago and, as you may know, it unprotects hundreds of thousands of lakes and rivers and re-designates aboriginal land rights. Now you ask yourselves ‘how does this bill pass through Parliament and the Senate?’,” the hackers noted.

“The bill was compiled of over 440 pages and covered over 30 topics; one of the largest bills Canada has ever seen before. Therefore, it wasn’t completely digested by most in the House of Commons. […] If there is something that they, the Harper government, want to hide, they will dump it in an omnibus bill.”

The hacktivists also warn Canadian citizens about the new, enhanced driver’s licenses. They warn that the chips installed in these IDs have no encryption or network security and they can be scanned by anyone who possesses the right tools.

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