Anonymous Urges Hacktivists to Stop Cyberattacks Against Israel

It remains to be seen if all hackers comply with the request to pause OpIsrael

Earlier today we learned that experts were advising organizations not to let their guard down since even though Israel and the Palestinian Hamas had signed a ceasefire agreement, hackers might not do the same.

However – although this may not apply to all groups – Anonymous has asked hacktivists supporting OpIsrael to stop launching attacks. They explain that although they don’t have any problem interfering in a war, they don’t want to interfere with peace.

In a statement, members of Anonymous Global have explained that they “feel” like they have succeeded in accomplishing their goals.

“No one in the world desires a just and lasting peace more than Anonymous. While we in the collective have no problem interfering in war, we do NOT believe it is productive to interfere with peace,” they wrote.

“We will therefore stand down immediately from all further cyber attacks upon the IDF or Israel so as not to risk this delicate and perilous cease fire arrangement. Likewise, we encourage all those cyber groups who have joined with us to also cease and desist now from aggressive acts, and give this cease-fire a chance,” they added.

“We ask this NOT on behalf or for the benefit of either the government of Israel, or Hamas - but we beg it of you on behalf of the innocent people of Gaza, that they may no longer be slaughtered with impunity.”

On the other hand, the hacktivists claim they will continue to monitor the Internet and other communications related to Gaza. They also highlight the fact that they’ll continue to advocate for a lasting peace between Palestine and Israel.

“Operation Israel is NOT going anywhere, and the innocent people of Gaza will never be alone again. Let this Operation be an object lesson to any government or entity anywhere who believes they can turn off the Internet,” they concluded.

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