Anonymous Threatens Government of Namibia over Black Rhino Hunt – Video

Two non-government websites have already been hacked

Hackers of an Anonymous-affiliated group called Team Defiant are threatening the government of Namibia after it allowed the US-based Dallas Safari Club to auction the chance to kill a black rhino from the country’s Mangetti National Park.

The organization says the money raised through the auction will go to a fund for the conservation of the endangered species.

However, as many others, the hacktivists are not convinced. That’s why they’ve launched a campaign called OpFunKill.

In a video statement they’ve published, the hackers threaten the Namibian government. However, so far, they’ve defaced the website of American Made Outdoors, a major supplier of hunting, fishing, camping and marine gear.

They’ve also defaced the website of Just Holidays, a Namibian travel company. At the time of writing, both sites are still defaced. Check out the gallery below to see the hacked sites.


Sites hacked for OpFunKill (2 Images)

Gallery Image
Gallery Image

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