Anonymous Threatens Estonian Government for Not Caring About Its People [Video]

The hacktivists take aim at another country's rulers

Governments from all over the world can become the targets of hacktivists. The latest threats made by Anonymous hackers are pointed at Estonian officials who are accused of failing to respect the country’s citizens.

“Estonia explain that they do not have money, but then they gave Greece 357.24 million. At the same time, Estonians got a medium pay that is 2.9 times smaller than in Greece. And, also, with a minimum pay that is 3.1 times smaller. Greece got 2.2% more jobs available then Estonia,” members of Anonymous stated.

They highlight the fact that while regular citizens get paid with less and less money, politicians increase their own salaries.

So far, it’s uncertain what organizations will become the targets of Operation Estonia (OpEstonia), but judging by similar campaigns that took place in other countries, we’ll most likely see attacks on sites such as the ones of the government, presidency, possibly the police, and other state-run institutions.

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