Anonymous Targets LAPD Website, Hackers Unhappy About Chistopher Dorner Case

It's believed that police has opened fire against innocent individuals

Anonymous hackers claim to have disrupted a website of the Los Angeles Police Department ( in response to the way authorities are handling the case of Chistopher Dorner, the alleged cop killer who’s currently on the run.

The hacktivists have announced attacking the site after the LA Times published reports about how police opened fire against innocent individuals whose vehicles they believed matched the description of the one used by Dorner.

The individual behind the YourAnonNews Twitter account has posted some ironic messages in response to the incident:

“If #LAPD are monitoring this feed, I’d like them to know I am driving a grey 4-door sedan today & will not be Christopher #Dorner. KTHX.”

“Be careful if you're in LA, especially if you're Asian, white, female, male, or drive a truck of any make & color.”

In addition, Anonymous asks Dorner to contact them if he wants any information leaked.

“Dormer needs to be placed in custody without being killed. He also may have information he wants leaked; we will leak it if he desires,” the hackers wrote.

Currently, the LAPD website appears to be working properly.

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