Anonymous Prove Their Claims Are Not Overstated, Hackers Leak More Fed Data

The hacktivists continue Operation Last Resort by publishing a 9 MB file

Earlier this week, representatives of the US Federal Reserve stated that the recent Anonymous hack did not affect their critical operations. In addition, they said that the hacktivists’ claims were “overstated.”

To prove that they mean business, Anonymous have now released the names of thousands of files and directories they have accessed from the websites of the Fed as part of Operation Last Resort (OpLastResort).

“People are concerned by the Fed's lack of transparency regarding recent compromise. We thought we'd help,” the hackers said when they published the file.

“It's a very long (9Mb) directory listing of all the files in several Fed websites (internal and external) that we owned,” they added.

The information is hosted on the website of Grand Banks Yachts, a company that manufactures and sells luxurious vessels. The site appears to have been compromised specially for this purpose.

The name of the file, dorner-is-a-symptom-not-the-syndrome.txt, references the controversial Christopher Dorner, the alleged cop killer who’s currently on the run.

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