Anonymous Promotes Operation Jubilee by Defacing Police Websites [Video] and have been hacked

A couple of police-related websites – and – have been defaced by Anonymous. The hacktivists have breached the sites to promote Operation Jubilee (OpJubilee), an anti-government protest campaign that’s scheduled to take place on the symbolic date of November 5.

The initiators of the operation hope to get millions of people to gather in front of the Parliament building in London in an effort to convince the government to “cancel all debt, stop war, redistribute the land, and eliminate poverty.”

Also, the hacktivists have released another video statement entitled Operation Jubilee: Rules of Engagement.

According to the website specially instated to count the days, hours and minutes until the start of the protest, there are 20 days and 13 hours left until the activists start gathering in front of Parliament.

Last year, on the same date, Anonymous planned to take down Facebook and Fox News, but the plans failed to materialize.

At the time of writing, was restored, but was still defaced.

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