Anonymous’ Project Mayhem Not Going Well, but There’s Still Hope – Video

The hacktivists are confident that they can change the world for the better

A few days ago, Anonymous hackers revealed that between December 10 and December 21, “unprecedented amounts of data” would be leaked as part of Project Mayhem 2012. The hacktivists say that the campaign hasn’t quite gone as planned, but they’re determined to keep going.

“Leaking information may have not gone well so far, but all is not lost. Project Mayhem 2012 still has the momentum to keep going, and together we can change this world for the better,” the hackers behind the operation said in their latest video statement.

“We do not wish to fight against this current system, instead we're acting one with nature, and pushing it aside.”

At the beginning of Project Mayhem 2012, the hacktivists claimed that corporate, financial, state and military information gathered by vigilantes, whistleblowers and conscientious citizens would be published.

However, despite the fact that the initial YouTube video has been viewed by 130,000 users, it appears that many of them haven’t been too keen on joining the campaign, at least not until now.

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