Anonymous Plans New Protests Against the Church of Scientology

22 protests are scheduled to take place during this month

Anonymous activists and hacktivists are planning new protests against the Church of Scientology. OpChanology has been around for five years now, but Anonymous seems to be determined to keep it going. 

“Five years ago, the first worldwide Anonymous vs Scientology protest brought over nine thousand anons to the streets in protest of the abusive practices of this cult,” representatives of the movement said.

“Project Chanology is the longest-running Anonymous project ever, marked Anonymous's first major protest against anything, and remains its largest real world action. In February 2013, we mark our fifth anoniversary.”

A total of 22 protests are scheduled to take place this month all over the world, including Canada, Belgium, France, Germany, Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Besides the live protests, we can probably expect some online manifestations as well.

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