Anonymous Pakistan Defaces 319 Websites

The sites are from Spain, China, Mexico, Taiwan and other countries

A hacker called xPerf3cti0n – apparently part of Anonymous Pakistan – has defaced a total of 319 websites from various parts of the world, including Spain, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Mexico, India and Italy.

The attacker claims there are “various reasons” why the sites were hacked.

“Dear Admin: Your website has been hacked for various reasons. We at Anonymous Pakistan believe in free-awareness. We hack for a reason. Do not forget us, for we will be back. We are Anonymous Pakistan. Remember us,” the hacker wrote on the defaced sites.

As CWN highlights, the affected websites don’t appear to be hosted on the same server, which means that the hacker either compromised multiple machines, or he exploited a vulnerability in the front end software of the defaced sites.

At the time of writing, many of the websites are still defaced.

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