Anonymous Leaks More FEMA Data, Hackers Say There’s More

They claim they've stolen only small amounts of data at a time to avoid detection

While the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has yet to confirm that it has been breached, Anonymous hackers continue to leak data they’ve allegedly stolen from the organization’s systems.

The second round of data, leaked a few hours ago, consists of contact information for around 200 organizations, including law enforcement agencies and government contractors.

The information is not sensitive, but the hackers have told Vice that it’s just a small part of what they’re sitting on. More leaks will come, but only after the data is analyzed.

The hacktivists say they’ve had access to FEMA’s systems for quite some time, but they’ve stolen only small amounts of data at a time in order not to trigger intrusion detection systems.

As far as the timing is concerned, Anonymous says “an opportunity to settle an old score, an insult unanswered, arose.”

They’re targeting FEMA not just because of the cyber exercise in which it simulated an attack from Anonymous, but also because the organization is “an active investor in corrupt intelligence/defense/security contractors.”

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