Anonymous Leaks Details of All US Federal Reserve Bank Employees

The leak comes in response to the FBI's allegations that the movement has been dismantled

After the FBI came forward stating that the arrests of the LulzSec hackers have led to the downfall of the Anonymous movement, the hacktivists became determined to prove the agency wrong.

Shortly after an FBI representative said Anonymous was doing nothing more than “yack” on Twitter, the hackers leaked some data allegedly obtained from FBI servers.

On Friday, they published a file which they claim contains the full details of every single employee of the US Federal Reserve Bank.

Initially, the file containing the personal information was removed, but the hacktivists uploaded it to another server, presumably located in Zimbabwe, so that US authorities will not be able to take it down.

“The central banking and finance system has systematically defrauded the planet and bears responsibility for unfathomable death and misery. When the vast majority of the world population hangs below the the poverty line, massive profits for a few insiders are beyond criminal,” Anonymous hackers stated after leaking the data.

“Let there be no equivocation: Anonymous will never stop fighting and punishing the excesses of vampire capitalist exploitation and avarice. The good earth is bountiful and we produce more than enough for universal dignity in living standards and opportunity for betterment,” they added.

“As the FBI and DOJ have proved themselves incapable or unwilling to prosecute the institutional kleptocrats, we will step up to the plate. We dispense with the monopoly on violence arrogated by the state & employ instead asymmetrical economic and political warfare,” the hackers said .

“The final result of which will be the creation of conditions whereby it is simply not profitable to exploit the poor & vulnerable of earth.”

They’ve also launched a Reddit discussion on the topic.

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