Anonymous Launches Operation Dorner, Hackers Threaten the LAPD – Video

The hacktivists have already released the personal details of the LAPD command staff

Anonymous hackers have launched a campaign called Operation Dorner, which comes in response to the way the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is handling the manhunt for Christopher Dorner, the alleged cop killer.

“The department has proven once more that it is incapable of serving the public, look no further than to the women who became LAPD's most recent victims. The two were shot without warning and were not even given the chance to surrender simply because LAPD thinks they are above the law. No one is above the law,” the hackers warned.

The hacktivists are concerned about the fact that authorities will rely on drones to track down Dorner. They say this might set a new precedent for the US government to kill innocent citizens “for little to no reason at all.”

“But do not misinterpret us for we do not condone the vicious acts that Dorner has allegedly partaken in. Instead we sympathize and resonate with his struggle. Dorner was not born a killer he was a law abiding citizen that was tainted by the corrupt and inhumane practices of the Los Angeles Police Department who serve only themselves,” they noted.

“We however do not accept this fate, and call upon our brothers to raise arms against the LAPD, for justice and for the lulz we will rise to disrupt, dismantle and dissect all aspects of the manhunt whilst revealing the LAPD's unwarranted hypocrisy.”

The hacktivists have already claimed to have taken down an LAPD website after police opened fire upon two individuals whose vehicles matched the description of the one used by Dorner.

In addition, they’ve also released the dox (private details) of the LAPD command staff. The police have launched an investigation into the information leak.

Here is the video released by Anonymous:

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