Anonymous: Israel and Palestine Need to Find Common Ground, Violence Must End

The hacktivists have released a second statement for OpIsrael

While Israel is launching missiles at Palestine, the country’s own cyberspace is under heavy fire. Hacktivists from all over the world are attacking Israeli websites, but Anonymous members highlight the fact that they don’t support violence.

Anonymous has released a second statement for OpIsrael after a number of pro-Israel publications have accused the hackers of being terrorists that promote the use of violence.

“Let us once again be perfectly clear: Anonymous does not in any way support the use of violence. Anonymous is a world wide collective of individuals whose means pursue human rights, justice, and universal equality for the citizens of every nation,” Anonymous representatives explained.

They emphasize the fact that their involvement through OpIsrael is an attempt to stop the “oppression” against the people of Palestine.

“What is happening in Palestine is oppression. They have no navy, no army, or air force. There is no war in Gaza. There is only the continuous application of military force by Israel in an attempt to push every last person out of the Palestinian state, despite international laws that make these efforts illegal,” they added.

The hacktivists claim they have never used anti-Semitic language during their campaign, their main goal being to protect the rights of the Palestinian people.

“Both Palestinians and Israelis need to find common ground and end the violence that has already resulted in the deaths of innocent people, including children. Israel's advancement on Palestinian Territories and the racist oppression of Palestinian people needs to end. We are not terrorists,” they said.

“Governments that fund wars, practice deceit against their own citizens, condone corruption, and turn a blind eye to the deaths of innocent people are terrorists. The word terror does not belong to Israel or the United States. We will judge you by your actions.”

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