Anonymous Investigates Assassination of Tunisian Opposition Leader – Video

Hacktivists have breached websites and official Facebook pages

Several Anonymous-affiliated hacker groups – including Anonymous Tunisia, AnonGhost, and Unkown Gladiators International – have joined forces against the Tunisian regime. 

In a video statement released a few days ago, the hacktivists threatened the Tunisian government and police.

“A government that is not able to protect its people must resign. Our message to the Tunisian police: you are Tunisians, like you, like us, but unjustified beatings and humiliation is not acceptable,” the hackers said.

According to Cyberwarzone, over the past days, they’ve hacked several government websites in an attempt to find evidence that the regime has ordered the assassination of Chokri Belaid, a leader of the Tunisian opposition.

They claim to have breached the websites of the Renaissance Movement Party, the Congress for the Republic and a couple of Facebook pages belonging to Tunisian officials.

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