Anonymous Insists 12 Million UDIDs Were Stolen from the FBI, Not BlueToad

They highlight the fact that they've presented much more evidence than the FBI

Hacktivists insist that the 12 million Apple UDIDs they got their hands on have been actually stolen from the FBI, as they have claimed in the first place, not BlueToad, the company that came forward taking the blame for the incident.

“We have strong reason to believe this company Blue Toad are liars. But even if their data matches the data set obtained from the FBI by AntiSec, this simply points to one possible source where the FBI might have obtained the data,” Anonymous Global wrote in a statement.

“As AntiSec themselves pointed out in their response to the FBI's lies, no one ever said the FBI got this data from Apple,” they added.

They highlight the fact that the AntiSec hackers who leaked the data have even made available the details of the agent whose laptop was breached.

“AntiSec also provided the method used, and most security ‘experts’ have grudgingly admitted the hack would be possible using the technique described. AntiSec has even provided the MAC addresses of all the hardware used in the New York office of the Cyber-Crime Division.”

Anonymous representatives say that they’ve presented much more evidence to prove their claims than the members of the FBI.

Moreover, the AntiSec hackers responsible for the massive data leak believe that the FBI has a few informants inside the group and the UDIDs were actually part of a clever sting.

“Whether the FBI had these for some tracking scenario as AntiSec opines, or whether they had them to use to crack open Apple stuff they seize when the ‘suspect’ won't give them the passwords - or whether they had them for some completely un-known nefarious reason, they had them and Anonymous took them,” Anonymous Global concluded.

“We know this is true, and more importantly the FBI knows this is true. It is not our job to convince either the media or the masses.”

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